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Christine Schuster Khemis, MBA, CLTC

Now Everyone Can Plan for Long-Term Care, According to Snohomish-based Specialist; Updated “3in4” Guide Offers Overview of Product and Living Options

Published by the 3in4 Association, the Guide is Offered Free by Christine Schuster Khemis, MBA, CLTC, A Founding Sponsor of the Association

Snohomish, WA July 25, 2013 – Today the publication of a comprehensive, updated guidebook makes clear that long-term care (LTC) planning has moved well beyond traditional insurance, Medicaid, and nursing-home care. The newly revised guide, “3in4 Need More: Long Term Care Planning TODAY,” succinctly describes more than half a dozen government or private financial options. It also details care options ranging from at-home care to assisted living in plush senior residences. The 36-page publication is offered free by Christine Schuster Khemis, MBA, CLTC, under a non-exclusive distribution agreement with the 3in4 Association, the publishers.

There are new sections offering an overview of –

Together with 12 other sections, the updated guide covers all the basics of planning for care when people can no longer do such things as walk, eat, or bathe unaided.

Should one hire a home-care aide or move to some kind of facility? What’s the best option if you’re rich, poor, or in between? The new edition helps answer such questions and more.

“We’re delighted to make this information available free to organizations and individuals throughout America,” says Christine Khemis, Snohomish-based agent with Christine Schuster Khemis, MBA, CLTC. “We think it can help individuals make a happier transition to a new way of life. And we think it can help companies maintain productivity by educating their employees, so they won’t have to worry about a loved one’s care needs instead of focusing on work.”

Based on the premise that "3in4 Need More" than healthcare insurance, the guide helps the reader --

Copies of the guide may be requested free from Khemis at, or 888-582-5364.

Christine Khemis is a leading long-term care insurance agent in WA, serving consumers as well as organizations seeking protections for disabilities including dementia. “We’re glad to help individuals or employers learn the type of protection that's best for their situation,” Khemis says.

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